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Gymnasium Information

Gym Induction Sessions

3 January 2020 -
Gym Induction Sessions

All residents are required to complete an induction/safety briefing prior to being issued with their photo ID access pass.

Sessions have been scheduled for:
• 6.00pm Monday 13 January 2020;
• 6.00pm Tuesday 28 January 2020;
• 6.00pm Monday 10 February 2020;
• 6.00pm Monday 24 February 2020;
• 6.00pm Monday 9 March 2020;
• 6.00pm Monday 23 March 2020;
• 6.00pm Monday 6 April 2020;
• 6.00pm Monday 20 April 2020;
• 6.00pm Monday 4 May 2020;
• 6.00pm Monday 18 May 2020;
• 6.00pm Monday 1 June 2020;
• 6.00pm Monday 15 June 2020;
• 6.00pm Monday 29 June 2020;
• 6.00pm Monday 6 July 2020;
• 6.00pm Monday 20 July 2020;
• 6.00pm Monday 3 August 2020;
• 6.00pm Monday 17 August 2020;
• 6.00pm Monday 31 August 2020;
• 6.00pm Monday 14 September 2020;
• 6.00pm Monday 28 September 2020;
• 6.00pm Monday 12 October 2020;
• 6.00pm Monday 26 October 2020;
• 6.00pm Monday 9 November 2020;
• 6.00pm Monday 23 November 2020;
• 6.00pm Monday 7 December 2020;
• 6.00pm Monday 21 December 2020;

Dates/times subject to change without notice, please check back to confirm session times.

There is no need to book to attend a session - please just attend at one of the posted session times.

Please enter the gym via the black glass door at the top of the driveway at 4 Saltriver Place.

Alternatively, private inductions can be scheduled at a time of your choosing at a cost of $55.

Proof of residency is required. Your application will not be processed and your access pass will not be issued until proof of residency documents are submitted.

The following proof of residency requirements apply for persons who are not registered owners on the title of the property:
• For tenants, a copy of the lease agreement must be provided.
• For relatives of the owner (whose names do not appear on the title) we require a Stat Dec from the Owner (Click to download) as well as a copy of drivers licence or other photo ID that confirms the you live at the property.
• For new owners, proof of residency must be in the form of a Notice of Acquisition.

All proof of residency documentation must be submitted to:

Induction Information

10 October 2017 -
Gym Induction Sessions

Prior to accessing the leisure facilities, all residents are required to complete an induction session (safety briefing) with the resident personal trainer, following which residents are issued their photo ID membership access pass card.

Inductions are held onsite at the gymnasium, with free sessions scheduled on a regular basis (refer to induction dates above), alternatively, private inductions can be scheduled at a time of your choosing at a cost of $55.

Please take note of the following:
• Usage of the gym facilities is for inducted residents only
• "Sharing" of gym passes is strictly prohibited and management will be undertaking random membership checks
• The only person who should be using a gym access card is the person whose name and photograph is printed on the card
• Any access card found to be used in an unauthorised manner will be cancelled immediately
• Guests must be accompanied by an inducted member at all times (maximum 2 guests allowed)
• For any resident who has not already attended an induction, or who has lost their pass please email



Gym OC Rules
Click to download extract

Gym Terms & Conditions + Application
(NOTE all residents must attend an induction and provide proof of residency)

Gym Stat Dec
(This form is for relatives of an owner; Tenants must provide a copy of their lease)

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